Customizable Koozies for Your Team, League, or Association February 13 2018

Create a Custom Koozie that Keeps Score

Looking for some matching gear for your soccer team, fantasy league, or golf association? Don’t do the same old thing and order a bundle of T-shirts that your peeps are only going to wear when they see you. Switch it up this year and get them something that they’ll actually want to use.

Scorzie, the world’s first koozie that keeps score, makes an awesome team gift because it’s unique, handy, and high-quality. Customizable and convenient, Scorzie was created to keep track of the score in any outdoor game up to 21, such as cornhole or Bocce ball. Everyone loves lawn games, but constantly stopping to remember or debate the score is frustrating and can take the fun out of the game. With Scorize, you’ll never have this problem again. Plus, it doubles as a durable koozie to keep your beer cold while you play. Definitely sounds better than another T-shirt, right?

Even better, Scorzies can be customized however you would like. Put your association’s logo across the front or personalize them even more with each members’ name, team nickname or number. Everyone will love using them at their next BBQ, tailgate, or family reunion.

Does your team like to golf on the weekends? Scorize also comes in a golf version that allows players to track their overall score from 0-129, strokes per hole, greens in regulation, or any side games. No more fooling around with pencils and scorecards. Golf Scorzie holds your beverage and an accurate score, so you don’t have to.

Both the outdoor and golf Scorzies come with two scoring rings that easily click into place, a high-quality foam insert to keep your drink cool, a durable polycarbonate body, and foam-lined bottom to prevent slipping and scratching.

Game or golf, whatever you prefer, Scorzie aims to increase your experience with quality products that bring an extra sense of comradery and friendly competition to popular games. After owning a Scorzie, everyone always wonders how they ever played without one. Customize a set of Scorzies, the world’s only scorekeeping koozies, today and get major gift-giving props from your team, league, or association!