The Perfect Scorekeeper for Backyard Games February 13 2018

Track Your Score for Cornhole, Ladder Ball, Golf, Kan Jam, Softball, and More

Cookouts, beach trips, and tailgates are always made better by a few friendly games of ladder ball, kan jam, or whatever you prefer. Many families and friend groups even center their annual reunions around a cornhole tournament. Backyard games like these are crowd favorites at any get together, but they all have one fundamental flaw: the lack of a scorekeeping device.

You might not think this is a big deal, but heated arguments can result from players not remembering the score correctly, quickly turning a friendly game into an ugly competition. Thankfully, Scorzie, the world’s first scorekeeping koozie, has solved this problem, and is changing the cornhole game as we know it! Gone are the days of, “What’s the score again?” and “Let’s just start over.”

This revolutionary, multi-functional product has the ability to hold the score for any game up to 21 and doubles as a koozie to keep your drink cold while you play. It’s the perfect combination, designed to improve your lawn game experience. Complete with home and away score rings, you can easily track the score of both teams. High-quality and durable, Scorzie promises to maintain an honest tally and a cold drink for many games to come!

Scorzie also comes in a golf version to help golfers accurately mark their score without having to keep up with a pencil and flimsy scorecard for 18 holes. With two scoring rings that easily click into place, you can keep track of your total score up to 129, strokes per hole, greens in regulation, or any side games you play with friends.

Both the outdoor game and golf Scorzies have a high-quality foam insert to keep your drink cold, a durable polycarbonate body, and a foam-lined bottom to prevent slipping and scratching.

Scorzie is the perfect scorekeeping device ideal for cornhole or any backyard game. Bring Scorzie to your next party or family get together and you’ll never have to stop the game to debate the score again.