Introducing Scorzie: The Koozie that Keeps Score January 11 2018

Scorzie cornhole score keeper in hand

“What’s the score again?”

“Um, I think you had 9.”

“No way. I swear I had more points than that.!”

Are you tired of enduring this conversation every time you play cornhole with your friends and family? Well, we are too. Lawn games like cornhole, ladder toss, Bocce ball, and many more are crowd favorites at cookouts, family reunions, park days, you name it. But they all have one substantial problem: the inability to keep track of the score. Enter Scorzie, the world’s first koozie that keeps score. With Scorzie, gone are the days of heated arguments over remembering how many points each team had.

Durable and easy to use, Scorzie allows you to keep track of any game up to 21. Even better, it also acts as a koozie to hold your soda, water, beer, or whatever you choose to sip on while you play. This revolutionary product will positively increase your game experience because you won’t constantly find yourself stopping to try to remember the score.

In addition to lawn games, the average golfer can keep track of their score throughout an 18-hole game with Golf Scorzie. Working in increments of 10, Golf Scorzie can mark an overall score up to 129. Or golfers can track strokes per hole, side games, and putts.

Golf Scorzie is also much more convenient than a regular scorecard, because it’s multi-functional. Can a scorecard hold an accurate score and keep your drink cold all at the same time? We didn’t think so. Whether you are having a beer or two with friends between holes, or simply trying to stay hydrated in the hot sun, Golf Scorzie will hold your beverage and score, so you don’t have to.

Whatever game you’re playing on a given day, Scorzie is dedicated to offering quality products that not only improve your cornhole or golf experience, but create a sense of comradery and friendly competition around games that everyone loves. Let’s be honest, it’s frustrating to forget the score, and it’s much more competitively fun to know who actually won at the game’s end. Bring Scorzie to your next get-together to maintain an honest tally and a cold drink!