Customizable Scorzies: Great Gifts from Company to Groomsmen Gifts January 11 2018

Scorzie on Cornhole board

Ever struggle with what is a unique and memorable giveaway that will actually last for more than a day? Many companies today struggle to find gifts for their employees that are both meaningful and functional. No, employees are not going to be impressed by, yet again, another coffee mug with the company logo stamped on it. Instead, get them something cool they can actually use during their free and fun time outside of the office.

Scorzies make an awesome company gift, because they’re unique, thoughtful, and will last a long time due to the high quality. Scorzie, the world’s first koozie that keeps score, was created to keep track of the score in any lawn game up to 21, such as cornhole. Not only will you never forget the score, but your drink will stay cold while you play. Scorzie also comes in a golf version that helps the avid golfer keep track of their score up to 129 throughout an 18-hole game.

In addition to being a multi-functional gift, Scorzies can be customized to bare a company logo across the front. Employees will remember it as a great company gift every time they use it. Not to mention, it can be extremely valuable for companies to place their brand across a product its employees regularly use in public. Many companies have customized the koozie to be able to give away at golf tournaments and functions where there is high visibility and exposure.

The fact that Scorzies are customizable makes them a great gift for groomsmen, as well. Instead of endlessly searching, or paying money for a gift they won’t use, get each of your groomsmen a customized Scorzie imprinted with their name and your wedding date. Not only will they use it all the time, but the customization will make it a special gift to remind them of their part in your wedding.

Scorzie is dedicated to offering quality products that positively increase people’s experience while playing lawn games and/or golf. Forgetting or arguing over the score is frustrating and can take the fun out of a game. But after owning a Scorzie, you’ll wonder how you ever played without one. And with the customization option, Scorzies are the perfect, handy gift for all your employees, groomsmen...anyone for that matter.